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GW501516 10 (cardarine) is one of the most popular SARM-like compounds available today for those who are after a severe performance boost without the hormonal side effects like with standard products. This is fantastic because GW501516 10 (Cardarine) affects fat loss, muscle growth, endurance, and more by giving you the ability to push further and harder, achieving exceptional cardiovascular performance. GW501516 10 (Cardarine) also supports other anabolic compounds by reducing or even preventing some of the more serious cardiovascular side effects most anabolic compounds have, such as with Trenbolone. Studies have shown that GW501516-10 (cardarine) reduces harmful cholesterol levels, prevents oxidative stress on the blood vessels, reduces inflammation in the kidneys, and potentially possesses other anti-inflammatory properties.

Where Can You Buy LGD-4033 Online?

Cardarine is being sold in many shops online. Believe it or not, most of the websites are reselling repackaged powder from China. As most SARMs come from China, this isn’t necessarily a problem, and you can still find reliable places that offer LGD4033 for sale. You have to make sure that the shop is reliable and holds valid tests for their products.

At Deus Medical, we don’t resell repackaged powder from China. Our SARMs are manufactured in pharmaceutical facilities in India with very high standards. All of our SARMs are tested. Moreover, our SARMs come in a convenient dosage form (tablets).

Cardarine Dosage

Due to GW501516 10 (Cardarine) not being itself a hormone nor impacting other hormones, it can be taken by both genders for equal effects.

Most athletes using GW501516 10 (Cardarine) will generally stick to an 8-week cycle at a dose of between 10mg and 15mg daily, with a maximal recommended cycle length extension of up to 12 weeks with a 20mg daily dosage. GW501516 10 (Cardarine) can be stacked together with other cutting and bulking PEDs, too.

Cardarine Side Effects

If cycled alone, which is quite a common practice, GW501516 10 (Cardarine) does not impact hormones and thus does not induce any hormonal side effects nor require a PCT. The same also applies to testosterone suppression and hepatoxicity, which do not exist. Early trials with significantly higher dosages than any athlete would even consider using showed that GW501516-10 (cardarine) can potentially cause cancer risk.

Find More About SARMs and Where to Buy Cardarine (GW501516)

There are many online communities about SARMs. In those communities, you can discuss the familiar sources, dosages, and side effects of these compounds.


Store below 30°C.

Protect from light. Do not freeze.




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