We work with certain payment methods. They were chosen to protect the privacy of both parties. Our company accepts payments using popular payment systems: Bank transfer, Bitcoin, Credit Card, Paypal

When transferring funds, the term of receipt of payment can be from 2 to 6 working days. After sending the payment via Bank transfer, you should send us a screenshot confirming the sending of payments to quickly ship your order.

Your action:
* Place your order
* Pay by your chosen method
* Send us payment confirmation
* We ship your order after payment information is confirmed.


An international bank transfer to our account is a safe way to pay for your order.
There is no minimum or maximum amount and the funds shall generally be transferred in 3 to 6 days. You can make a bank transfer from the website of your bank.
We don’t add any fee, but the international transfer fees between banks are at your own charge, we need to receive the exact order amount.
Payment information to make the wire are given after your order (on the order confirmation page and by email).


You will simply pick “Bitcoin”, when choosing our payment methods. Then you will use PayBis to pay the bill. You can sign up easily through PayBis

What do you need?
– A Credit Card
– Our Bitcoin wallet address (which you’ll have upon checking out using Bitcoin payment method)

How to navigate on PayBis website?
– Go to PayBis
– Click “Credit Card” under the “You Spend” panel, on the left side.
– Make sure “You Receive” on the right side of the panel, has chosen Bitcoin (BTC)
– At the middle of the page, between those two panels (Buy Bitcoin with Cred Card); type in the amount you’ll have to transfer (USD)
– Click on “Start Transaction” and enter the following data into the form:
– Fill out the requested info, for PayBis to complete your transaction. If you’re not already signed in, the website will ask you to register.
– PayBis will verify your transaction in 15-20 minutes, however some payments can take a couple of hours.

Please follow rest of our BTC directions to complete the payment (the transaction ID).
Please note, PayBis doesn’t support every country or state. Read more about them at PayBis.

If PayBis doesnt work for you you can try another method.


You can be sure that the processing of your personal data will be strictly confidential.

If you require any further information, feel free to Contact Us

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